Many people are hesitant to visit a new church out of fear of the unexpected.

We would like to set your mind at ease. As visitor in one of our assemblies you will never be singled out for embarrassing attention or made to feel uncomfortable. However, we might want to shake your hand and get to know you.

What you will find in one of our worship services is a reverent atmosphere for worship. Young and old, families and singles —all worship together in a common assembly.

Our desire is to worship God following the pattern we have found in the New Testament Scriptures. You will hear and be able to participate in (should you so desire) congregational singing of beautiful hymns and spiritual songs in the singing service. Feel free to sing out, we love to express our joy and love of God through our singing.

Prayers will be offered by men who will lead the congregation to the throne of God in prayer. You will hear preaching and teaching from the pulpit that is rooted in the infallible and inspired Word of God.

On the first day of the week, (Lord’s Day or Sunday), the assembled members of the congregation commune together in the Lord’s Supper.

Also on the first day of the week, and only on this day, we contribute a portion of our income to the Lord’s work. (Visitors are not expected to contribute to the collection, but may if they so desire.)

Everything done in one of our services is calculated to first please God, and then to edify and benefit the assembled worshippers. We hope that you will set aside time soon to visit one of our assemblies. You will find a relaxed and casual atmosphere, yet one in which the Lord and His will are reverenced.

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